Hotel Pre-Opening Services

We provide a full array of hotel pre-opening services to prepare new establishments before opening day. The following items are crucially important when launching any new venture. We provide the attention to detail necessary to ensure your opening day is a successful one.

Sales & Marketing

  • Develop marketing strategy
  • Create roadway signage
  • Generate print media
  • Create a sales & marketing plan
  • Survey local competitor rates
  • Establish room rates
  • Manage outside sales

Opening & Operations

  • Tailor a property budget
  • Secure bids for contract services
  • Establish agreements for property services
  • Build guest service directories
  • Set-up telephone services
  • Assist in selecting furniture, fixtures & equipment
  • Assist with pre-opening
  • Order supplies for opening day
  • Ongoing development support as needed


  • Determine staffing needs, interview candidates & hire personnel
  • Develop employee policy handbook
  • Develop job descriptions
  • Conduct local wage survey
  • Establish salary & wage guidelines
  • Train new staff

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